ChromeHearts X Gareth Pugh

I had the pleasure of being invited to the launch party of the collaboration between 2 of my favorite designers Gareth Pugh, who brings gothic sculptural designs with a rock & roll aesthetic along with Chrome Hearts the ultimate Rock & Roll leather & silver purveyors.

If that wasn’t exciting enough the party was hosted by Serena Rees, one of the founders of Agent Provocateur at her beautiful Georgian Maisonette in Marylebone, LDN. From the moment I entered I was blown away by her impeccable taste & style hallmarks of her vision with Agent Provocateur. It was a beautiful fashion crowd, but unlike most fashion crowds the people here were warm, stylish, friendly & open. I was taken in immediately by Carson McColl & Gareth who introduced me to everyone and made me feel completely at ease as I forged many great new friendships with their lovely crew including, Faye Hindle, Elodie Laurent, and Laurie Stark.




Gareth 4

Gareth Pugh & Tamie Adaya

Gareth 3

Faye Hindle, Gareth Pugh, and Elodie Laurent

Gareth 2

Tamie Adaya & Carson McColl

Gareth 1

The lovely host Serena Rees, Tamie Adaya, Laurie Stark, and Carson McColl

Meadham Kirschoff @ V&A

I experienced an absolutely exciting fashion show by Meadham Kirshcoff a collaboration between Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff. The stunning show took place in the Raphael room of the V&A museum in London last month.

Their designs were electric, vibrant, and incredibly wearable with beautiful headpieces, they are one of the first designers who have excited me in a long time because they are NOT minimalistic which can be so BORING!

They are opulent and colorful and their look is complete from head to toe.

mhead meadham-kirchhoff-ss-2014-656x436 Meadham-Kirchhoff-SS-2012 meadham-rainbow-hair

Midnight in Shangrila: NYE 30′s Style

I rang in 2014 at my home away from home, the Hotel Shangrila with friends old and new, in a gorgeously themed 1930s style party at the rooftop bar, Suite 700. Everyone was dressed to the nines & in the party spirit. Rarely have I seen such great energy and good vibes all over…people were complimenting strangers, toasting each other, dancing the night away and just spreading the love.

Wishing everyone a very special 2014!

photo 3

Dressed for the occasion

photo 2

With friends & fam

photo 1

The dapper DJ for the evening, DJ Paper

Deus Ex Machina

I have found a new haven: Deus Ex Machina.


Even the name Deus Ex Machina wreaks of sex. You walk into the store and it’s the most beautifully curated menswear store I’ve seen in quite some time. A clothing store for REAL men, the kind of men that Steve Mcqueen was, I thought they were all lost.

Speaking of which, Deus Ex Machina carries the Barbour brand which has co-opted Steve Mcqueens brand, and the logo is an absolutely gorgeous half union jack with half stars & stripes that I am in love with.

Great coffee in there café area, great ambience all around, and everyone had a great attitude especially if you look good and feel good when you walk in. Amazingly curated clothing and the most beautiful vintage motorcycle bikes with a very solid & genuine community feeling.

The staff was fantastic, extremely helpful, and cultured. We even started reminiscing on all the amazing music that they play, I’m very impressed about every aspect of this shop and that’s not easy!

I know where I’ll be doing my Xmas shopping ;)


The beautiful Barbour brand logo


Stunning vintage bikes


The perfect display of a vintage motorbike


Entrance to Deus Ex Machina


The wonderfully curated clothing selection & vintage bikes


Café Area at Deus Ex Machina

Mat Collinshaw – The Last Supper

I was invited to Stephen Webster’s lovely jewelry store / art gallery for a show by Mat Collinshaw entitled “The Last Supper” which was an incredibly rembrandt-esque depiction of prisoners last meals and last requests. Even though the theme was quite morbid, the photography was really quite beautiful & surreal all printed on goatskin parchment with an impressionist vibe that made them look like original baroque works with a very dark twist.

The edibles were provided by Mark Hix, the hottest restauranteur in London who served amazing appetizers for the guests who were definitely not eating there last supper and the crowd was filled with fashionable bright young things and young-minded sophisticates of all ages. Stephen was never at a loss for words with an amazing speech followed by Mat Collinshaw. Mat provided an in-depth description of his inspiration for the works. The idea came from a Sunday Times article he read 20 years ago depicting prisoners last meals in these disgusting plastic tray aerial photos. He really marinaded on this concept, and brought a whole new life to it, and it truly shows!


The exhibition entrance

last supper 2

Dessert for Dinner

Last Supper 1

Another stunning outtake from the exhibit

photo 1

Mat Collinshaw, Mark Hix, and I

photo 3-date

Dave Thomas & I

photo 2

Dave Thomas, Me, and Isaiah Garcia

The People Say ‘Viva Larry Flynt’


I attended Larry Flynt’s birthday dinner last week and it was pleasantly surprising. Beautiful, dreamy and filled with well-dressed people, sophisticated businessmen, journalists and intellectuals. It felt like the wedding scene out of the the Godfather as everyone was paying homage to him. Larry is quite handsome, well dressed and coiffed, photos do NOT do him justice. The food, drinks and ambiance were gracious, classy and nothing was in any gaudy or over-the-top. There was not an ounce of lecherousness nor debauchery present. Talking to Larry gave me the feeling that he is a man of great kindness, being around kind people always makes me so happy. Of course there wasn’t any photography allowed

For those who are not familiar with Larry Flynt, I think it would be fair to call him one of the great american’s of our generation, not least for his commitment to our constitution and our freedom of speech. Larry was attacked by both the left and the right as he built his Hustler empire, but always held steadfast in his commitment to the first amendment. During the Republicans completely hypocritical witch hunt of Clinton during the Lewinsky Scandal, Larry offered a million dollars of his own money for information of Republican indiscretions, which lead to the admission of extramarital affairs by incoming House Speaker Robert Livingston and his resignation.

Larry also demonstrated his principles by refusing to settle, as a matter of principle, a law suit issued by religious demagog Jerry Falwell. A case he lost repeatedly yet eventually won in the Supreme Court which cost him millions of dollars, but critically reaffirmed our first amendment rights and our right to freedom of speech.

I can’t think of many public figures in recent decades who have been willing to put themselves and their money on the line to defend our freedoms, so for that reason I believe Larry should be regarded as a national treasure.


Match Made in Paradise

With the fall & winter seasons off to an amazing start the celebrations have already commenced! I had the honor of hosting my dear friends Einar & Svala for there post-wedding cocktail soiree in Suite 700 this October… They are such a beautiful couple and we all had such a lovely time together celebrating their recent union. Everyone was dressed to the nines as per usual, and I also met some amazing new friends throughout the evening. In addition to being an amazing couple they are also an extremely creative & talented powerhouse spearheading a music & visual art collective from Iceland known as Steed Lord 

You’ll be amazed by everything they’ve achieved as a couple & creative collective, they are truly inspirational individuals.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 6.29.20 PM

The lovely Svala, myself, and Einar.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 6.29.39 PM

Justin Barco & I

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 6.29.52 PM

Having a blast entertaining my loves

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 6.30.09 PM

Another beautiful couple, Eddie House & Tatiana

Design Colour and Vibrancy at the ICA offsite

I hit the ground running in London right at the start of the fun and mayhem that calls itself London Fashion Week. I barely touched down at Heathrow before being ushered into an amazing party done by my friend Lyall Hakaria for Vogue Fabrics UK for the ICA, one of my most beloved British Institutions. Displayed were fashion & accessories from many up & coming young British designers. The displays were dazzling to behold.


(Gorgeous display of buttons from Karlie Shelley, Fred Butler, and Felicity Hayward)

The crowd of cultured sophisticates of all ages were really a sight for sore eyes. I’m a sucker for style and aesthetic and this crowd had it in abundance.


Another stunning display


Johnny Rocker, Mark Moore & me 


Carrie Munden, Bethany Lauren Wood, Fred Butler, & me in full regalia.


Christos Tolera, Felicity Hayward, and I having a ball.

The event was held in one of my most hallowed childhood and current institutions, Selfridges, which seems to be the herald of everything cutting edge & relevant, and for those of you who have not seen it, the show Mr Selfridge is a MUST see! The windows of Selfridges currently house a display by my friend Keely Hunter, a milliner and Selfridges also recently launched a limited edition of super cool Barbie designed by my friend Fred Butler…amazingness all around -

Barbie Collaboration by Fred Butler

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 4.46.19 PM

Keely Hunter window display at Selfridges.

A colorful, vibrant and lovely party which ended at a completely civilized hour at 10pm which left me with plenty of time to get into trouble elsewhere *polishes halo*

Keep Portland Weird

For my summer family holiday this year, I decided to do something very simple with the children.

We spent four nights in Portland, Oregon and stayed at the Heathman Hotel which is a very lovely old world style hotel. Portland’s reputation was not for naught it certainly had an amazing foodie scene, the nature was beautiful, but not as magnificent as the stunning northern Californian Redwoods.

Here are my top 4 reasons you should go check out Portland, Oregon.

1. Portland is still known as one of the last hippy cities & enclaves in North America with it’s classic slogan “Keep Portland Weird” strewn about the city. I really enjoyed the quirkiness throughout the city.


2. The beautiful natural features of the land…fresh water rivers, lakes, mountains, forests and waterfalls to explore and create a very nice atmosphere by being fully immersed in all of the wondrous nature always a lovely place to be with Family. I had the chance to splash around in the rivers & waterfalls w/ my family which was a very magical experience.





3. The burgeoning farm to table foodie scene is always fun to explore with family, we enjoyed the Woodsman Tavern together which had a very nice old school tavern vibe with all the luxuries of a big-city restaurant.



4. Last but not least we really enjoyed the nations largest independent bookstore Powell’s where I spent the good half of an afternoon indulging in all of the fantastic literature.



The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan


I had the pleasure of viewing the Cool “Disco” Dan documentary presented by MOCATV last week. The documentaries executive producer, Roger Gastman, is a notable Street Art aficionado and co-curator of the seminal Art in The Streets exhibit and has published many significant works documenting the history of graffiti & street art.

Me & Roger Gastman

Me & Roger Gastman



Cool “Disco” Dan was quite the cultural phenomenon in Washington, DC and his legendary contributions to the city were very well depicted. Dan’s graffiti work began during the Go-Go music scene in the 70′s and he was one of the first graffiti artists to actively spray paint his recognizable name all over the DC metro area for years to come turning him into a DC legend & cult icon. Dan was not associated with any gang or crew but others did follow suit and began spray-painting their Go-Go names or “Crew” names alongside his work. His basic & simple style of graffiti evoked heartfelt emotions throughout the generations in DC providing a sense of continuity and comfort in an otherwise violent & changing city in a very bizarre & fascinating way.


The film depicts a very dark & intriguing tale of the evolution of DC landscapes with correlations between the political events, music scene, art scene, and drug scene that struck down the city. Cool “Disco” Dan always seems to keep his cool throughout & remains an urban legend blessing the streets with his positive & absurdly ambiguous message.



The whole phenomenon he created is quite quite fascinating, especially the fact that Cool “Disco” Dan was never on drugs or alcohol, nor part of any “Crews” or gangs. He was very introverted & socially awkward, but obsessed with fame & recognition and this was his way of expressing himself to the community he lived in.

Naughty Little Helmut @ Annenberg Space for Photography


I was really excited to attend the Helmut Newton exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photogrpahy in Century City last week. Helmut was a visionary in the way he photographed women, and also photo editor for French Vogue for many years. The women he photographed were beautiful, sensual, and sexual creatures, but also very empowered.


An interesting fact that I learned from one of the exhibition hosts is that a lot of the times when Helmut Newton was brought into to do commercial photography for the major fashion houses he would do the shoot, and then do another shoot with the models with a more experimental non-commercial aspect. The exhibition featured work from his famed photo-books White Women, Sleepless Nights, and Big Nudes.

I highly recommend this exhibition to anyone visiting or based in LA, probably one of the most extensive exhibitions of his work that also features 2 films incorporated into the exhibit. One was shot by the Annenberg Space for Photography exclusively for the exhibit, the other has a very personal touch and is produced by none other than his wife of many years, June Browne.  



James Turell Exhibit @ Louis Vuitton

I have recently noticed a burgeoning art scene in one of the last places I’d expect to find such substance… the city of Las Vegas can be a very magical place if you’re not too overly mesmerized by all the sensationalized and in your face surface attractions, if you take a moment to step back and truly experience the arts & culture you will find many special things that a lot of travelers do not take into account. Take the lobby installations in each Hotel & Resort for example, they spend so much time & energy producing these amazing experiences and I feel as though many people just pass them by and do not take it in or explore all of the fascinating elements Las Vegas has to offer aside from the constant debauchery and gambling.

One such experience left me absolutely floored, I had the serendipitous pleasure of walking into the Louis Vuitton Maison City Center in Las Vegas and was then lured in by an amazingly talented & knowledgeable staff who gave me a full gallery tour of the in-store installations, and also surprised me with setting up an appointment to personally experience the private James Turrell exhibit on the fourth floor. Louis Vuitton has always championed brilliant avant grade artists, architects, and designers such as Stephen Sprouse, Murakami, and now the legendary James Turrell.

The exhibit entitled “Akhob” meaning pure water in egyptian is an installation that plays on the ganzfeld effect of uniform colors and the impact they have on our imagination morphing your perceptual experiences into a truly inspiring otherworldly experience that would leave any soul mystified. Turrell’s work is inspired by the magic of vision & light, and when you walk into the exhibit you feel a true sense of weightlessness, ethereality, and surreality.

Your surrounded by wall to wall colors smoothly morphing in front of your eyes, and creating rays of halo light effects that you even see in the photographs, these only exist within your imagination which is a very awe-inspiring use of the powers of light, it truly takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas city life and takes you to a very magical place that everyone should experience!

James Turrell’s work is also currently being displayed at LACMA so if you can’t make it to Vegas, I highly suggest you experience his work here in Los Angeles.


















Photo Credits: Florian Holzherr

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