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As a student of art, history, pop-culture, and politics, Tamie Adaya brings a distinctive viewpoint to her iconic Santa Monica boutique hotel property.  Long a family treasure, the recently re-branded and remodeled Hotel Shangri-La is a reflection of Tamie’s palate—featuring clean, crisp lines, modern lifestyle amenities with a classic flair, an unprecedented attention to detail with a whimsical unpredictability that makes each visit a discovery in self-expression, escapism and pure enjoyment.

Tamie is committed to making the Hotel Shangri-La much more than just another hotel. That commitment is evident in recent press accolades that include: rave reviews in the New York Times and the London Independent and “Best Beach Getaways” in Sunset Magazine. “To me, the hotel is not only a landmark property where we attend to our guests every desire, it is also a gathering place and a community; it’s a place that constantly inspires and soothes the soul,” she muses.

An avid traveler and student of modern-day life, Tamie is constantly seeking inspiration from other great cities, famous hotels, famed restaurants and museums, but has also found there is no greater way to be inspired than by bringing diverse and interesting people together at her hotel.  From international DJs to writers, professors, photographers, celebrities and just close friends, Tamie often brings her diverse group of friends and associates together for a night of intellectual chat ranging from politics to fashion to the current state of the music industry.

“The concept of being at the beach, while also providing an urbane yet laidback environment, is our trademark.  I envision Hotel Shangri-La to be a hideaway, or a pied-a-terre, a place to escape.”

With her influences ranging from Michelangelo to Van Gogh to Frida Kahlo to Warhol, Roxy Music, Queen Victoria and Vivienne Westwood, Tamie Adaya is the epitome of a renaissance woman who has taken her love of life and culture and wrapped it within the streamlined architecture of her Santa Monica hotel.

From writing her popular blog ( to hosting art events to
spending time with her family,  Tamie takes her life experiences and brings her distinctive perspective to everything guests experience when they walk in the front doors of her prized effort—the Hotel Shangri-La.

“The secret to being a successful career woman and family person is to realize that you can have it all but just not all at the same time. Life is in stages and to be successful you have to honor and enjoy each of the different stages of your life and career.” Tamie Adaya

August 24, 2013