It’s a great honor & privilege of mine to be able to act, in a small way, as an art patron from time to time and it gave me great pleasure to sponsor Matthew Stone’s recent trip to the West Coast.

We brought Matthew out for BritWeek 2013, and were delighted when the interest in Matthew exceeded our already high expectations. Matthew was named by The Sunday Times as the most influential person in the arts under 30 in the UK and it is not surprising his reputation had already reached the West Coast even though he had yet to have his first show here.

As part of the BritWeek calendar we held 2 events with Matthew. A DJ party on our rooftop at Hotel Shangrila in which Matthew played the most tasteful and sublime set that I can remember hearing and a salon in which we discussed Matthew’s art, his motivations and his influences. We had a very elevating and enjoyable discussion, it was a pleasure to see the depth Matthew has an artist.





Matthew & I co-hosted the salon in the Dining Room of the Shangrila, it was an intimate roundtable format and our esteemed guests included Director of BAFTA Nigel Daly, wife of the former British Consulate Sharon Pierce, Executive Director of Britweek Lauren Stone, Artist Bexx Bissell, Music Video Director Georgia Hudson, and actress Tamzin Brown along w/ their lovely dates.




During the dinner Matthew read out his manifesto which I found incredibly life-affirming and elevating. Matthew & his art have an incredible sensibility and it does not surprise that he is held in such high regard.




…and of course, I can’t help mentioning what an absolute sweetheart Matthew is. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Matthew last summer in London and Matthew’s intelligent, gentle and playful manner makes him the most warm & wonderful company.

Shepard Fairey’s gallery Subliminal Projects reached out to me when they heard we were bringing Matthew out to LA. Somewhat magically, Matthew ended up having his first LA show at Shepard’s gallery which was a roaring success. Incredible crowd, breath-taking art and just the most delightful LA summer evening.







If you didn’t get a chance to catch Matthew or his work this time around I would definitely urge you to do so when Matthew returns, hopefully sooner rather than later. Come back Matthew! America needs you!

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