I attended Larry Flynt’s birthday dinner last week and it was pleasantly surprising. Beautiful, dreamy and filled with well-dressed people, sophisticated businessmen, journalists and intellectuals. It felt like the wedding scene out of the the Godfather as everyone was paying homage to him. Larry is quite handsome, well dressed and coiffed, photos do NOT do him justice. The food, drinks and ambiance were gracious, classy and nothing was in any gaudy or over-the-top. There was not an ounce of lecherousness nor debauchery present. Talking to Larry gave me the feeling that he is a man of great kindness, being around kind people always makes me so happy. Of course there wasn’t any photography allowed

For those who are not familiar with Larry Flynt, I think it would be fair to call him one of the great american’s of our generation, not least for his commitment to our constitution and our freedom of speech. Larry was attacked by both the left and the right as he built his Hustler empire, but always held steadfast in his commitment to the first amendment. During the Republicans completely hypocritical witch hunt of Clinton during the Lewinsky Scandal, Larry offered a million dollars of his own money for information of Republican indiscretions, which lead to the admission of extramarital affairs by incoming House Speaker Robert Livingston and his resignation.

Larry also demonstrated his principles by refusing to settle, as a matter of principle, a law suit issued by religious demagog Jerry Falwell. A case he lost repeatedly yet eventually won in the Supreme Court which cost him millions of dollars, but critically reaffirmed our first amendment rights and our right to freedom of speech.

I can’t think of many public figures in recent decades who have been willing to put themselves and their money on the line to defend our freedoms, so for that reason I believe Larry should be regarded as a national treasure.

November 4, 2013
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